10 tips for buying the perfect shapewear solution for you!

How to choose the perfect shapewear for you

So many women refuse to try shapewear or have a drawer full of ‘foundation garments’ that they never wear.

They are too uncomfortable or too tight, or don’t shape the way they thought they would?

Our 10 top tips for finding the perfect shapewear for your body type:

  1. Choose the area of your body that you want to target. This will usually depend on the outfit you are planning to wear. Some shapewear will help you to control multiple areas of the body, others will be more targeted to a particular part eg. A waist cincher will help slim your waist and tummy, but won’t do anything for your bottom or thighs.
  2. Ask yourself if you plan to wear the shapewear daily (or on regular basis) or are you going to purchase it for a special outfit for a special event? This will impact the level of shapewear control you purchase (from light to ultra firm). Read more information about the levels of shapewear control here.
  3. Are you prepared to hand wash the item every time you wear it, or do you prefer to machine wash it
  4. Do you need it to be seamless so it won’t show through fitted clothing?
  5. What color is the best option? Most shapewear comes in black and/or nude, beige, however, some shapewear can be ordered in other, brighter colors for something a little saucier.
  6. Measure yourself – don’t rely on your dress size. Use the manufacturers sizing guidelines, not the generic size charts that appear on some of the bigger buying sites.
  7. Buy the size you are, not the size you want to be. Shapewear will not turn you into a size 10 if you are a size 18 or so on. If you buy your shapewear too small, it will only exacerbate the bumps or rolls at the seams and make your shapewear experience unpleasant and uncomfortable.
  8. Don’t forget the firmer or the more compression that a shapewear item has, the tighter and the less ‘give it will have’, and the more difficult it will be to get on. If you are between sizes, particularly with ultra firm shapewear you may be better to buy the size up (not down).
  9. If you are buying for a special event, outfit or occasion, try your new shapewear on before the event. Wear it around the house – get used to how it fits and holds you.
  10. Be realistic about your expectations – shapewear will only help smooth your bumps, it will not make them disappear permanently.

Remember, the biggest impact that good shapewear has in on your confidence and how you feel about yourself in that outfit.

It will improve your posture and make you stand up straighter.

Good shapewear helps you dress the body you have for the body you want.

It is that will help you shine and that is what has the biggest impact on others and what they will remember!

Go forth and be shapewear brave and bold!

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