How to look after your Shapewear

Shapewear and how to look after it.

Or, how to keep your knickers nicer for longer!

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In a perfect world, the peak hour traffic would always be light and there would be no delays either on my way to or from work.

I would arrive home to find my house had cleaned itself, my fridge had automatically restocked itself and dinner was ready and sitting on the table.

Then, I would have plenty of time to follow the manufacturers care instructions for my shapewear.
I would diligently and gently hand wash all of my underwear.

However, that fantasy has never happened and until it does, I will continue to be a ‘wash and wear’ girl in a busy, busy world.

My Netflix vs Hand Washing battle

I like to pretend I am organized and I always diligently put my delicates to one side in the washing pile. I then usually think…”this weekend, I will find the time to hand wash this weekend”.

In reality, that rarely happens – more often than not, I forget where they are until I want to wear one of them.

When faced with a choice of catching up with friends or binge-watching my favorite shows, or hand washing my shapewear, guess which wins the Netflix vs Laundry battle?

How to maintain the ‘shaping and nipping’ powers of shapewear

Shapewear is more expensive than your normal everyday knickers, so you want to ensure that they keep their cinching ‘magic powers’ for as long as possible – ready to wear for that special date, event or outfit?

  1. Read the label on each item

    While that goes against everything I have just said you need to know what each piece of shapewear you own is made from. In all likelihood, the different shaping garments in your latex, shapewear, curvealicious.comunderwear drawer are made from different materials, and some such as Latex do need special care.  (Please read the graphic for tips on washing Latex)

  2. Prepare your non-Latex garments for the washing machine

    Turn all pieces such as knickers inside out. If you are washing bras check to make sure the hooks are clasped to stop them catching on other items.

  3. Grab your lingerie bag(s)

    Netted or mesh lingerie bags with zip closes are perfect. Ideally, have a set of them and separate items, for example – lingerie in one, normal knickers in another and bras in another. You can now get a bra bag for the washing machine. It is shaped specifically for this essential (and often expensive) item of underwear.

  4. Put your lingerie bag (s) in your washing machine

    A fuller load is best, as it will help protect them from the washing action and spin cycle of your machine. Towels are perfect as long as they are colorfast.

  5. Select the gentle or hand wash cycle AND cold-water option on your machine

    Cold water helps shrink the material back into its proper shape. If your machine doesn’t have either of these selections, you need to revert to hand washing (Please read the graph for tips on washing Latex)

  6. Use a gentle or laundry detergent specially formulated for lingerie and delicates

    The best detergent for delicates such as lingerie is those that do not contain dyes, fragrances, alcohol, softeners or bleach.

  7. Never, never, never put in the clothes dryer

    The biggest enemy of the materials used in shapewear, such as latex and nylon is heat. While it may speed up the drying process, excessive heat will melt and stretch the fibers, and cause your garment to lose its shape and effectiveness more quickly.

  8. Ideally, air-dry your garments

    Do not hang them by their edges. If hanging outside is not an option try:

    1. Lying flat on a dry towel, flat drying rack or a hanging flat rack, in a warm shaded area
    2. Use a freestanding drying rack near, but not on, a heating vent. 

Remember, heat is your shape wear’s number 1 enemy.

Keeping your knickers up for longer

Taking a little more care with your shapewear and other delicates will help them to maintain their shape and condition for longer.

But don’t forget these tips for your normal knickers – they also contain elastin or other stretch materials to help keep them up.

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