Waist Cinchers for Every Day Wear: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you wear a waist cincher every day?

Or, do you wear any shapewear on a regular basis?

Every day we are all confronted with images of women with supposedly perfect bodies. There are no lumps, bumps or muffin tops on show. Nothing wriggles as they jiggle.

How do they do it? They use shapewear….lots of it!

What our mothers and grandmothers already know!

They believe that shapewear, although they often refer to them as ‘foundation garments’, should be an essential part of every modern woman’s beauty kit.

It is the only way that we can immediately target, smooth out or enhance a specific area of the body without exercise or surgery.

The best news is that there is now a shapewear option for whatever part of your body you want.

If the areas of your body you would like to target are your waist and tummy a waist shaper could be a perfect shapewear solution.  It can also be the best shapewear for back fat, if size is chosen correctly.

What is a waist cincher and why would you wear one every day?But, with so many waist shaping options on offer, what is the best waist cincher for you?

Waist cinchers are designed to be worn under your clothes and should fit from just below your breasts to your hip bone.

This type of body shapewear can be the perfect way to target the extra weight that many of us carry around our waists and mid-drifts. The curves that can be so hard get rid of, no matter how much we diet. They are an easy and quick way to temporarily smooth away a few kilos.

While we should probably celebrate those lumps, bumps, and curves
as signs of a life well lived, most of us are obsessed with hiding them.

Yes, we all have ‘jiggly’ bits, even the skinniest of those among us.

We should be realistic – throughout our lives, our body shapes change. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • busy lives with no time for regular exercise
  • pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • yo-yo dieting
  • genetics
  • illness
  • age

Think about this…would you give up the food or hobbies you love to be wriggle/jiggle free?

What will a waist cincher/nipper/shaper do?

The main benefits of wearing this type of body shapewear

  • Allows you to target/shape both your waist and tummy areas at the same time.
  • Wear your own bra and knickers.
  • Helps to create the effect of an hourglass body shape.
  • Provides an immediate slimming effect.
  • Designed to be worn under your clothes/outfit – Will help shape your body and smooth your curves under cinched waist dresses or other fitted clothing. Also ideal for off the shoulder and strapless tops and dresses.
  • Functional and discreet
  • May help with your posture. It will help you stand up straighter and you may quickly realize how much you are slumping.
  • Can be used as postpartum shapewear.

A Comparison of the Best Waist Cinchers for Everyday Wear

Every woman I interviewed about wearing a waist cincher tummy areas had a different reason for purchasing this type of shapewear. For many, they were looking for the best shapewear for muffin tops….a problem that many of our are seeking asolution for, particularly when wearing pants and jeans. Waist cinchers are an easy and quick solution for the dreaded muffin top.

I used their feedback and observations (and my own) to create this ‘Ultimate Waist Cincher Buying Guide’.

This is not a complete list of all the waist cinchers on the market. It is a selection that I believe represent a good mix of both price, quality, and different shaping needs.

Waist Cincher



Available Colours




Our rating

Squeem 'Perfect
Waist' Contouring Cincher

X Small
to 5XL

75%  Natural Rubber

25% Cotton




4 out of 5 possible hearts



Arabella Women's


to XL


90%  Nylon

10% Spandex


Step In/
Pull Up


4.2 out of 5 possible hearts

Firm Abs Women's
3 Layer

to 6XL

95% Cotton/5% Spandex
(Inner Layer)
100% Latex (Middle Layer)

85% Nylon
15% Lycra&Spandex
(Outer Layer)




4.5 out of 5 possible hearts


to XXL

83%  Nylon
17% Spandex


Step In/
Pull Up


4 out of 5 possible hearts


to XXL

Stretch Microfiber & Mesh


Step In/
Pull Up


4.5 out of 5 possible hearts

 Luxe &

to 1XL

Stretch Microfiber & Lace with power mesh lining

Very Black/
Soft Nude/

Step In/
Pull Up


4 out of 5 possible hearts

Questions to ask yourself when buying a waist cincher

Why are you buying your waist cincher?

Is this for a special event or outfit where you will use it on an occasional basis or do you want to wear it every day?

Are you planning to wear the cincher occasionally or on a regular basis?

This is an important consideration as it should determine what type of ‘firmness’ you opt for in your cincher.

It is also important when deciding whether to opt for a seam or seamless model. If you are planning to wear it with fitted clothing, a seam may show through.

What look or effect are you aiming for?

Are you simply aiming to smooth your natural bumps, or are you aiming for an overexaggerated effect….think ‘Natural vs Kim Kardashian’.

Do you want everyone to think you are just looking a little slimmer or do you want them to look at you and think – she is wearing something under that outfit?

Once again, this is important as it should determine what type of ‘firmness’ you opt for and whether you emphasize just the waist or choose a waist cincher that will smooth from just above to just below your waist – tummy included!

What type of control do you want?

Shapewear comes in 4 levels of control:

Top Waist Cincher’s for Everyday Wear – Reviews 2017

Below you’ll find my reviews of the top 6 rated Waist Cinchers.

Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher Underwear Review

Click here to see the latest prices

The Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher is a front opening corset style waist shaper. I love the double row hook & eye closure because it allows me to easily adjust the compression levels as I want.

It also lengthens the lifespan of this cincher as it means that if I lose weight (as I am always trying to do) or as it stretches from use (and most compression wear does), I can adjust the fit.

This Brazilian waist cincher is both functional and discreet, and will immediately help to contour and slim your waist and smooth your stomach/lower tummy area.

It is great under heavy fabrics or looser fitting outfits, but with hook & eye closure it is not seamless and will show through lighter fabrics and tighter fitting clothes.

The more rigid construction helps to elongate your midsection, and it will provide some back support and improve your posture. I hadn’t realized how much I slumped during the day until I tried this waist cincher.

The stainless steel interior boning helps keep the shaper from rolling down or up which can be a problem in some waist shapers.

However, the tradeoff is that the boning can become uncomfortable if you are wearing it for long periods of time, as the tops of the boning can start to rub/dig into the underside of your breasts.

The Squeem “Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher is really more suited to a long waisted body type. For more information on how to determine if you have a short or long-waisted torso click here.

While you can wear this cincher if you are short waisted, the problems with the rubbing/digging into the underside of your breasts may be magnified.

Made from natural rubber (outer layer) and cotton (inner layer), there can be a strong smell when you first open the packet and ideally you should wash the item before use.

The rubber outer can make the cincher ‘sweat’ in warmer weather, but the cotton inner layer helps to control perspiration levels and keep the cincher from irritating your skin.

Because of the rubber used on the outer layer and boning, you will need to hand wash this waist shaper. For more information on how I do this, read more about How to Look After Your Shapewear.

Available in wide range of sizes: X Small to 5XL

Arabella Women’s Firm Control Seamless Waist Cincher Shapewear

When you first open the package, your first thought maybe – this is too small. However, the nylon/spandex mix material has enough stretch to accommodate the body while providing a decent amount of compression.

You step in and pull up this waist cincher. Side boning helps hold it up.

Being seamless it is basically invisible underclothes, so it should not be obvious, even under lighter weight or sheer fabrics that you are wearing shapewear. Ideal under to help avoid the dreaded muffin top.

Even though it is not as rigid and will not hold you as firmly as some other cinches on the market it still offers good compression.

The trade-offs are its comfort level (you should be able to wear this for hours) and its ease of care. This is a ‘wash and wear’ waist-shaper. Read how I care for my shapewear here.

It is quite long, so if you are 5 foot 5 or shorter you should measure the length of your torso carefully. This is probably more suited to a long-waisted body shape. If you are shorter waisted it may roll up.

The Arabella Women’s Firm Control Seamless Waist Cincher is great value for compression, wearability, and ease of care. but has a limited size range that does not cover plus-sizes.

Available in sizes: Small to XL

Firm Abs Women’s 3 Layer Waist Shaper

Firm Abs markets this cincher as multi-purpose body shaper and waist-training corset.

Its steel boning (9) and the materials used provide a really high level of compression and until you get used to it, you are going to know you are wearing a body shaper.

It will really help to achieve an hourglass silhouette if that is your goal.

You will notice an immediate improvement in your posture and it may provide support if you are suffering lower back issues. (Note: you should always seek a qualified medical opinion before using any shapewear for this purpose).

It has three hook & eye closures that allows you to adjust the fit up to 3 inches. If you do choose to use this as a waist trainer, you will get the added sense of achievement as your diet and exercise pay off and you move from the outer hooks to the middle and then the inner ones.

It constructed with 3 layers:

  • Outer layer – nylon/lycra and spandex of latex
  • Middle layer – Latex
  • Inner Layer – Cotton+5% Spandex.

It is heavy duty and well-made and probably well suited for wear when exercising. The inner cotton lining would help with any sweating.

It is very firm without a lot of stretch and flex, so it is important not to automatically order your normal dress size. Use a tape measure and refer to the manufacturers sizing guide.

Even then, this waist trainer may seem small when it arrives and you may need to persevere when trying it on for the first time. Start with the outer hooks first. This is not a waist cincher corset that you can get into and out of in a hurry.

It is not seamless and may look bulky under clothes if you are wearing it under your clothes.

The range of colors on offer make a nice change from the usual black or nude/beige. It is nice to have something a little more colorful underneath, or if you are wearing it to the gym as outerwear.

The latex inner layer means that this body shaper can only be hand washed. However, its pricing means that you can probably purchase a couple of these waist cinchers in different colors.

Available in wide range of sizes: Small to 6XL

Maidenform Women’s Flexees Shapewear Seamless Waste Nipper

Maidenform’s tag for this waist cincher/nipper is “Goodbye muffin top, hello hourglass!”

A catchy line that is only partially true.

It will hold your tummy in and give you a smoother line, but it does not have the compression of other waist cinchers on the market.

This ‘nipper’ is from the MaidenformFlexee range.

It has no boning and you simply step into it and pull it up.

A silicone band at the top helps hold it up. However, there is not a band at the bottom, and if you are short-waisted it may be prone to rolling up.

The Maidenform Waist nipper is light-weight, seamless and invisible under clothes.

With no boning, it is very comfortable and probably suited to everyday wear, where you want less compressive support Its nylon/ spandex material means that it is machine washable.

If you are long-waisted and looking for a comfortable waist or bump smoother, this may be a good option for you.

Probably best suited to younger, slimmer women with smaller hips who are looking for lighter and less compression. It would be a good purchase if you are seeking comfortable support under trousers and jeans.

Available in sizes: Medium to XXL

Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer Waist  Cincher

I have to admit, this is a favorite and well-used piece of shapewear in my wardrobe.

You step in/pull up this waist cincher. Fairly easy to do although I suspect that if anyone watched me wriggling and jumping to get it up and over my hips and butt, they would probably find it very funny.

But, it is worth it.

Not only does it give me extra firm control over my tummy, waist and general mid-drift area, the sheer inserts make it feel and look sexy.

It has double paneling and all over boning (six in total in front, side, and back). However, it doesn’t leave or show any lines, so I get a smooth look under my clothes. It is the best waist cincher for under dresses and I also often wear it under jeans to help avoid the dreaded muffin top. This is one of my ‘go to’ everyday wear shapewear garments.

Its nylon/elastane material makes it airy and very comfortable. It has an edging along its bottom hem that Miraculesuit called Wonderful Edge (silicone lining) which helps to prevent it riding up and stay in place.

It is very easy to care for. I wash this in my washing machine in a cold, gentle wash cycle. The Miraclesuit care instructions say I can tumble dry, but I don’t like any of my shapewear to go near heat. I prefer to hang in the open air to dry. Read more about how I care for my shapewear here.

The only downside I can think of is its limited range of sizes – it cannot be worn by larger plus sized ladies.

The bonus – my husband walked in while I was undressing and saw me in it. He thought it was lingerie and told me that I looked very, very nice. I didn’t tell him I was wearing it to  ‘suck’ my gut’ in. However, I don’t intend for him to see me pull it on or off….he may not find that quite so sexy!

Available in sizes: Small to XXL

It would be hard to write a review article on waist cinches without mentioning Spanx shapewear.

Like most women, I love a good pair of Spanx – Sara Blakely is the mother of modern shapewear. It is because of her determination to find a pair of usable, comfortable and shaping tights that shapewear has gone through a major renaissance in the past 17 years. Oh, and she also believes it should be attractive.

It is because of Sara’s determination to find a pair of usable, comfortable and shaping tights that shapewear has gone through a major renaissance in the past 17 years. And modern women no longer have to shoe-horn themselves into ugly and uncomfortable shapewear or foundation garments.

Many people think Spanx they think control panties, however, the company does offer a full range of body shaping products, for all body shapes and sizes including Spanx waist cinchers. 

This body-shaping waist cincher is step-in and out for an easy on and off. It uses powerful microfiber (nylon and spandex/elastane) and flexible boning at the sides to target the tummy and waist while offering a cling-free, comfortable fit.

It uses powerful microfiber (nylon and spandex/elastane) and flexible boning at the sides to target the tummy and waist while offering a cling-free, comfortable fit.

This also makes it super easy to care for – cold machine wash on gentle cycle/lay flat to dry.

Spanx uses it terms for support provided by each of its products:

  1. Smooth – A light hug
  2. Shape – A firm hug
  3. Sculpt – A super firm hug

The Spanx Luxe and Lean Waist Cincher is a 2 – it focuses on shape with firm support and therefore may disappoint those ladies looking for extra/total control.

The side boning on this waist cincher may show through tighter clothing and you should test this before you wear it, especially if you are wearing to a special event.

This product does seem to be on the small side and you should check the Spanx measurement charts before purchase. It is potentially a good fit for many shorter or short-waisted women who struggle with other waist cinchers that tend to be better suited to the long-waisted.

This shapewear has a limited size range up to XL, so is not going to fit many plus sized ladies.

However, Spanx is renowned for its quality and this product is no exception.

Available in sizes: Small to XL

What will a waist cincher/nipper/shaper not do?

Some tips for being happy with your shapewear purchase

  1. Don’t buy shapewear based on your dress size. Grab your tape measure and check and double check your measurements.
  2. Make sure you read the manufacturers sizing guide, not the generic sizing guidelines that many online sites direct you to when you choose the link ‘sizing’.Tip: Often manufacturers will include their sizing chart with the pictures they have posted on the buying site!
    If they don’t go to their company website if they have one.
  3. If you are between sizes, you should normally buy the larger size, particularly if you are buying firm or really firm shapewear.
  4. Buy the size you are, not the size you want to be. Shapewear will not turn you into a size 10 if you are a size 18.
  5. If you buy your shapewear too small, it will only exacerbate the bumps or rolls at the seams and make your shapewear experience unpleasant and uncomfortable.
  6. Be realistic – shapewear will only help smooth your bumps, it will not make them disappear permanently.
  7. Different types of shapewear target different parts of the body. Most women should have a couple of pieces of shapewear in their wardrobes – a good quality waist cincher, control panties (long and short) to fit every need and every outfit.

The information in this post was sourced from the product manufacturers and our own experience. Please check product specifications and sizings before buying any shapewear. Available products are subject change by manufacturers and availability. We own some, but not all of the waist cinchers reviewed. We have not received any payments from any manufacturers to review their shapewear 

This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you find this buying guide helpful and click on one of the product links, we may receive a small commission from the seller. This is a no extra cost to you, or the product manufacturer. You can read our full disclosure here. Curvealicious is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and its partners. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Thank you for supporting curvealicious.com

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